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A Pleidian from the Pleiades Constellation.

Alcyone It is the name of the star of her home and one of the stars out of the seven sisters.

Lady Alcyone was how her people refer her.  
She assists you to get connected with the Star Energies.

And helps you remember your star family lineage as well as help you remember your gifts from your Star family.

Alycone works with your crown chakra and heart chakra.
To work with Alycone, sit down in meditation.

If you feel the called to play 432 Hz sound frequencies while you are meditating, it is recommended. Visualize a pillar of light entering your crown and entering your heart chakra. Breathe in the energy and be present with any physical sensations, thoughts, or visions that emerge during meditation. Let go of all expectations and let the energy show you what it needs to be cleared or healed.
Cleans Alycone with cold water and sage on a weekly basis. She is a Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull that weighs 10 oz and measures 2 1/2 "


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