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I am a female moon elf. My name is Luna. I am twelve feet tall and my body is made of translucent and sparkly energy.

Moonlight is my life force, and I can utilize the moonlight to give me energy, strength, and magic.

I can travel between dimensions with ease, and I like to spread my love by helping as much as I can.

I am excited to show you the wonder of the moon. I know many humans have strong connections with the moon, and I will help you connect with the moon deeper.

I will also help you do manifestation work using the power of the moon.

There are many sacred rituals you can do with the help of the moon, and I can assist you with this as well.

But my main specialty is to help you raise your vibration. The moon contains a lot of magic and wisdom, and I will share these with you.

I will bring down the moonlight to shine on your heart. I will also help you embrace your light and your shadow so you can stand in your true power.

Utilizing the moon energy, I will lift fear and illusions. Under the moonlight, you will see yourself as a whole. You are a perfect soul that lacks nothing. You are beautiful as you are. Meditate with me and charge me under the full moon.

Luna is a pre-activated 2"L Quartz Crystal Skull.


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