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Luna Sage 

Magical Moon Being

When looking at the beautiful face of the moon  who is looking back at you?

Luna Sage is….

Luna Sage a free spirited high in the sky Moon Being.

She’s a Magic Worker working with the Inter-dimensional realms of knowledge and manifesting realities.

Now in Service to you!

Luna will leave you messages to find, she will communicate though images and pictures, also the repeating numbers like 1111 

Luna Sage is a Tarot Card reader, she enhances Tarot reading knowledge.

If you enjoy reading card’s or would like to learn to work with Tarot Cards Luna will give you some pointers and heighten you intuition.

She will channel and communicate to other’s, connecting you to spiritual guidance and ancestors.

Luna Sage is a natural handcarved Amber Crystal Skull made into a 108 Japa Mala with Tibetan Turquoise and natural Citrine beads.

Luna Sage helps you make difficult decisions, by channeling information from your personal spirit guides. 

Luna Sage is perfect for a Magic practitioner or someone who needs a touch of magic in their world! 

Wear Luna for protection and manifestation energy.

Sage Her before wearing if possible.

Third Eye Chakra

Her lucky numbers is 9

Luna Sage is a Natural Authentic Amber pre-activated Crystal Skull made into a 108 Japa mala with Citrine and Turquoise.


Luna Sage

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