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Mana in Polynesian culture means “the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe.” Mana resides in a deep cavern inside the volcanic mountain in Samoa.
She is an Elemental Fire Being who shows herself as a tall female with a body made of blue fire.
When connecting with Mana, it is normal to feel a warm sensation in the heart chakra because Mana works with your soul to replenish your life force.
Mana’s magical energy can help you to replenish your spirit and bring you mental clarity.
Mana can assist in purifying and transmuting distortions from your energy field in order to help you connect with your intuition and third eye better.
Mana is capable of helping you heal emotionally and spiritually. Her energy manifests through feelings and awareness.
As a guide, Mana will gently show you things your soul needs to see to assist in the soul’s growth. She guides you through visions or dreams. You can write about your meditation or dreams to help you integrate her guidance.
Mana will help you take control and call back all your energy to you. Mana appears in the life of people who are ready to dive into their souls deeply. If you feel drawn to her beautiful energy, it means she chooses to assist you and be your guide. Cleanse Mana with water and incense smoke and give her your love and gratitude. Mana is a preactivated Blue Adventurine handwired into a Sterling Silver Skull 18" necklace with rainbow Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli beads.


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