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Is a plant fairy who resides in yellow and orange flowers.

She is deeply connected to the magic of flowers. 

She shows herself as a beautiful petite female with yellow wings. 

Her aura is sparkly yellow and green; her long curly blond hair is adorned with a crown made of flowers.

Marigold holds a magic and healing power, and she utilizes her light to assist with healing your heart and inner child. 

Her magic will help raise your frequency and fill your life with positivity and joy. 

Her energy will attract happiness, reuniting you with your soul tribes.

As gentle as she is, Marigold isn’t afraid of following her heart and going after what she wants. 

She will guide and inspire you to have the courage to follow your intuition;  supporting you into new chapters of your life. 

Marigold will show you that you are truly loved and cherished by the universe, allowing you to embody the authentic you and go after your dreams. 

Marigold enjoys spending time in nature, connect with her through meditation in nature or near a body of water. Open your heart and be present in her energy. She will appear in your life through feelings and thoughts. 

Place her on earth or near trees and flowers when you feel guided. Bathe her with clear spring water. 


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