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Is a nature spirit.

Keeper of a mountain originating from Hawaii.

She shows herself as a large and tall female being. She has long braided hair and a green aura. She loves to smile and emanates unconditional love frequency.

Mauna specializes in abundance.
She utilizes loving energy from nature to open doors of opportunities.
Mauna’s healing energy helps to bring an abundance of health.
She brings with her an abundance of happiness.
Mauna helps attract your soul tribes. People who would assist you in reaching your optimal timeline.
She protects and grounds your space and home.
Mauna works with the heart chakra healing and clearing.

She removes dense energies around you in order to attract blessings.
She connects your chakras to Gaia to bring you inner peace.
She likes meditating and being in nature.
Spend time and pray with Mauna when you need her assistance.
Give Mauna your gratitude and love.
She loves to bathe in spring water. Cleanse her with sage and prayer.

Mauna is a pre-activated Flourite Crystal Skull weighing 3 pounds and measuring 4 1/2 by 4" by 3".


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