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Is the ancient Roman Goddess of Honey. However, she prefers to be called a Honey Bee because of her deep love for Bees and Honey.

Her aura is the color of gold and orange, and she has honey dripping from her fingertips.

The ancient Roman knew Mellonia as a deity who cared for bees and protected the sweetness of honey. But Honey Bee is capable more than that.

Honey Bee’s energy attracts abundance and bountiful energies into your life. She brings opportunities into your life through helpful people and soul family.

Honey Bee assists in repairing difficult and complicated relationships you may have. She will assist you to understand people and offer you the gift of clarity.

She will also assist you in getting to know yourself deeper as well.

Honey Bee specializes working with the sacral chakra. Her precious energy will help to open and heal your sacral chakra. Honey Bee assists in healing your sexual energy and releasing sexual trauma you carry from multiple lifetimes.

Connect with Honey Bee through self-care such as a peaceful meditation, a nice warm bath, or an energizing movement like yoga.

Anoint Honey Bee with a drop of honey on her forehead as an offering when you feel called. Cleanse her with warm water and sage.


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