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Is an Angel of Peace.

A powerful angelic Being who is of service.
He shows himself as a giant winged male wearing white.

His aura is large and shines brilliant white. He has white hair and a handsome face.
Micah is a multidimensional being and possesses wisdom and knowledge.
He assists with various things:
He protects you from lower vibrational energy.
And protects you while you are sleeping. (Always place him near you when you are sleeping.)
Micah assists with transmuting your lower frequency energy and utilizes it for your benefit. He transmutes anger into power and motivation.
His energy brings peace, healing, and light to your heart chakra.
Micah works with your highestself and guides you towards the path of love and compassion.
He assists with helping you forgive yourself and others so you can unlock your deep compassion to serve others.
Meditate with Micah to benefit from his guidance and healing energy.
Pray with Micah and ask for his assistance anytime you need. Always give your gratitude. Carry him when you feel called.
Cleanse him with prayer and running water.

Micah is a pre-activated (Tibetan style carving) Quartz Crystal Skull.

This is the only one like him.


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