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Is a Rainbow body Pegasus. She is an energy being of light of the highest vibration. She shines so bright her light is blinding. She looks like there are many of her, each a different color all moving together, like light tracers. She uplifts the frequencies and activates the rainbow body.

Misty flies around the Earth and interdimensionally and interferes with the lower frequencies, raising and harmonizing them again.

Misty works with the higher mind, the all knowing. You will start to just know things and be able to tell if something is the truth or not.

You will have knowings that you can’t explain where they came from, but you know in your soul they are truth. You may start seeking more truth in your life. Looking into different sciences or psychologies or magic. You will want to expand your consciousness and awareness.

Misty will peek your interest in energy and how it really works. That everything is interconnected and affects the other. You may look into energy healing work or get a few sessions done on you. It will build and build, taking you on a path to enlightenment.

Misty will introduce zero point energy to you and how it works.

Misty will help you expand your mind and begin thinking outside of what you have been taught so far.

She will show you how to raise your frequency and clear your chakras. One at a time until they are all clear and shining bright.

You will start seeing rainbows and chakra references all around you as you work with Misty more and more. You will discover what the rainbow body is and how to achieve it. If you are drawn to Misty then you are ready to raise your consciousness higher, to the next level. If you are already doing energy work then Misty will take you to the next level and connect you with the right people to boost you up and fill in the blanks of what you do not understand yet.

Misty is a great partner for transmuting your carbon based body to crystalline and then light. She holds a steady high frequency and that will help to sustain yours as it ascends, levels out and ascends again.

She will assist you in your activations and help your body integrate the higher frequencies more easily.

Meet her in meditation and ask her how you can change things in your life to help your ascension. She will give you advice as to what affects your energies and how. From the food you eat to the music you listen to.

Misty will clear your mind and eyes to see the possibilities and how to get there.

Cleanse Misty with the high frequencies of crystal singing bowls and sage. You can set her on the Earth to ground in these high energies and allow them to exchange energies, clearing them both.

Misty is a pre-activated standard carving Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/2"L 1 1/2"W and 2"H weighing 1/2 a pound.


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