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MORPHEUS God Figure ~ Male Morpheous os a spiritual doorway to the Dreamworld.  He's what gets the party started to manifest your dreams into reality.  He's also a great tool for astral projection and remote viewing.  Morpheus is a fantastic focusing tool to sit in meditation with daily.  He is a perfect tool for spiritually gifted and or mediums. Morpheus is a power skull and will add an extra layer of protection over you and your loved ones, just ask for his service.  He would best serve in your home as well at your work if you need him there.  Morpheus would is a big influencing energy-things will begin to move and shake around you.  He also likes to work with other skull energies around him.  Morpheus enjoys hearing classical and jazz and encourages enhancing your surroundings with beautiful music. Dreamy Morpheus is a Crown Chakra enhancer. Morpheus is a pre-activated Flourite elongated Crystal Skull that meausures 2 1/2"L 1 1/2"W 1 1/2"H and weighs 4 3/4 oz.


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