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Morrigan is a Goddess and she is calling to one of you specifically. If you are feeling drawn to her, get quiet and ask her if it is you.

Morrigan will dredge up those hidden aspects, secrets and memories deep within you so that they may once and for all be transmuted and released. She will bring forward that powerful dark goddess aspect deep inside you, and show you how to embody her.

Morrigan will protect you in your healing process. She will bring death to the old you and old ways and help your rebirth into the powerful, courageous, and fearless new you. Picture the Phoenix rising.

She will bring black bird magick. You may start seeing Ravens or crows everywhere. You may already be seeing them. They may seem to cry out to you and follow you. They will help you on your journey.

Morrigan is great for that shadow work you may be avoiding, but is very necessary for you healing and step up to the next level.

Sit in meditation with her, hopefully under the darkness of night, but not necessary. Ask her to show you what you need to release in order for your growth. Ask for her help in letting go of the outdated habits and people that are not serving you.

Morrigan will remind you how powerful you are. She will reawaken a primal instinct of fearlessness in going after what you want. She will help you remember who you truly are.

If you are into ritual, tarot, or moon magic, Morrigan will be a great ally.

If you feel there is too much darkness in your life recently, let Morrigan show you how to navigate the dark, and to own it! So you are never afraid of it again.

Morrigan shows you that your dark side is as necessary as your light. It is where you find your voice and take back your power, and where you do not just accept things as they are any longer. You start creating your world for yourself. You go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Cleanse Morrigan in sage, running water, or set her in a dark space upon the Earth. Under the moon preferrably.

Morrigan is a pre-activated 2" Black Shungite Skull.


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