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Is a fairy that originated from ancient British woodland.

She shows herself as a small and graceful fairy.

Her aura is sparkly light purple, and the color matches her beautiful and delicate wings. Bluebell carries powerful fairy magic.

Her magic is capable of lightening your space.

Her power can assist with protecting you and your space from lower vibrational entities and energy.

Bluebell works with your crown and third eye chakras.

She assists in opening your crown and third eye and enhancing them to benefit your intuitions.

Bluebell brings blessings from the fairy realm, and assists you in connecting you with the fairy realm.

She can also assist you during spiritual work such as tarot reading, channeling, or energetic healing. Bluebell loves to be part of the crystal grid and connect with you through this and meditation. Her energy manifests through feelings and visions. Her presence feels light and joyful. Let go of your expectations and connect with her with an open heart. You can call on Bluebell when you need her assistance. Place her on the earth when you feel guided and bathe her with water. Offer Bluebell your gratitude and love.

Bluebell is a pre-activated High Definition Amethyst Quartz Crystal Skull 1  3/4"



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