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Is a 10th-Dimensional Arcturian Consciousness.

A very High-frequency spirit who raises your frequency and consciousness.

She also assists with opening your crown chakra to integrate light codes that will help activate your light body.

To connect with Mystica, choose a time to meditate that will help you to focus the best. Place her close to your heart chakra and breathe in deeply to center yourself. During your meditation, it is possible to see a vision of Mystica working with your crown chakra accompanied with a slight tingling on your crown along with a deep sense of peace. Mystica’s  energy can manifest as visions or epiphanies. Remain present and observant throughout your time with her. Let go of your expectations and let the energy unfold naturally.
Cleanse Mystica with incense and offer her gratitude and love.

Mystica is a pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull set with two round brilliant diamonds weiging .12carat of VS2 in clarity and G in color made in a size 7 and a moderate sizing is included at no extra charge.


The two extra diamond eternity bands are not included in the $650 price.

To find out more info about the two extra diamond eternity bands please go to


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