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Neptune is Spiritual Teacher and counselor.

He’s a Professor of great wisdom providing spiritual guidance.

Neptune wants to teach you how to navigate the unknown without feelings of fear. He is concerned with thinking in an abstract way about things that are mysterious. He values the spiritual feelings of people and He wants you to use his energy to improve their relationship and healing our bodies mind and Spirit.

Neptune’s counseling will reveal spiritual truths, this will ultimately help you on your path.

Neptune is a connected to ancient guardians, and ancestors.

He can help you navigate though your past memories and your brilliant future.

Neptune has the ability to sort important information out and balance emotional attachments will help you mature spiritually.

He can also uncover issues that are submerged deep in the subconscious mind.

Neptune can be a great counselor to uncover hidden fears, that are causing you limitations 

To Begin working with Neptune, sit in meditation or pray and relax you mind,

begin to focus on your breathing.

Begin searching your mind, checking to find emotion snags, hard feelings or any discomfort in the body and feel into this.

All dragons are healers, and if you have any requests you may ask Neptune for his help. 

Thank him for his Neptune facilitator of the Heart Chakra and he is a pre-activated Conscious Turquoise Dragon Crystal Skull ready to be shipped now.


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