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Rainbow Being

Opaline is a prismatic, cleanser of negative energies.

She uses specific colors and light to heal with the spectrum vibration of the rainbow. 

Opaline has a joyful uplifting ability especially useful to elevate moods and lift the blues away.

Opaline will heighten your intuition and enhance your energetic fields.

She is a wonderful tool to use when looking for help with decisions.

Opaline will pull the mind, body and spirit back into balance when meditating with her on a daily basis. 

Opaline has exceptionally kind energy you can just feel when holding her.

She will help you feel like you are expressing yourself though different channels of information. 

Opaline can help you tune all your chakras when accompanied by sound meditations or chanting Om and working down the color wheels of your chakras.

Opaline works well with those who are practicing Healing or Healing therapeutic arts. She also heightens your creativity and self expression. 

Place her in your bedroom or a busy room to emit peaceful vibrations to your room.

Work with Opaline in your meditations to deepen you practice and clear your mind.

She likes the sound of music and mantras she will add many Blessings and Light into your world. Opaline is a pre-activated Titaniam coated Glass 3" Glass Crystal Skull.


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