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Is a Fijian Mermaid.

Passion works with and heals your heart chakra.
She soothes your soul and helps you to release dense emotions from your heart.
Passion's specialty is her creative energy.
She utilizes this energy to assist you with awakening your creativity.
Passion helps to attract the career your heart wants, as well as helpful people to your life.
She helps with bringing you your soul tribe and your soulmates.
To connect with Passion, listen to the sound of the ocean. Practice deep breathing until you center yourself and set the intention to communicate with Passion.
Carry her with you and let go of your expectations. Welcome her energy and let it unfold naturally.
Her energy manifests through aha moments and awareness.
Cleanse Passion with saltwater and sage and offer her a small shell.

Passion is a pre-activated elongated Green Obsidian Glass Crystal Skull.

Background/Back story on this conscious Being:

Passion loves the tropic and crystal clear beaches.
Passion has joyful and light energy, and she loves to swim with the dolphins.
She shows herself as a young female with green hair and green scales.


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