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Is a white whale from Atlantis. 
He is one of the guardians of Atlantis and carries peaceful frequency and

light to assist Atlantis. He communicates with you telepathically, and his presence feels serene. Peace’s primary specialty is what he called the pyramid of light.
Peace’s pyramid of light assists with rejuvenating and cleansing your aura. It helps to expand and tune your chakras.
It protects you from negative energies and lower vibrational entities.
Call on Peace to assist you with his pyramid of light whenever you need him.
Peace is an ancient and wise being. He works with your heart chakra and fills your heart space with light to uplift your frequency and vibration.
Sit in deep meditation while listening to whale songs to connect with Peace.
You can communicate with him and ask him questions for guidance as well.

Always connect with Peace with an open heart.
Peace shows up in kind-hearted people’s lives. He likes nature.
His energy manifest through intense feeling in your heart chakra. He always emanates the frequency of peace, so place him close to you to benefit from his energy.
Cleanse him with water and sage. Peace is a pre-activated etched Quartz Crystal Skull.


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