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The Magical White Dragon

Qaris is completely White from head to talons!

He has a lovely pearlescent sheen on his scales and glows with a rainbow prism in the sun.

Qaris is Wizard with making manifestation appear like magic!

He is a wise and sparkling, energy with a bit of a sense of humor.

He may make something disappear and reappear to keep you on your toes! 

Once Qaris has his mind set on something he will charge in full force to make it happen for you.

Qaris is also a wonderful, healing energy that is so full of love and compassion. 

To work with Qaris call him in by name as he’s always an anchor to you and on standby to be of service.

Sit in Meditation and focus on what your needs and goals you might need his help with. You can ask for healing, emotional wellness or counseling for yourself or others. Show Qaris gratitude for his love and service.

Qaris is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

He is a pre-activated White Jade Dragon Crystal Skull 4 1/4" length.


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