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I am an ancient soul. My physical body existed long ago on a small planet in Andromeda Galaxy. 

I was a female ruler and held the highest ranking of our temple as the lead priestess.

Under my rules, my planet prospered, and no one ever tasted poverty.

I adore human beings. I know it is not easy to reincarnate here on earth. It takes courage and resilience. 

Allow me to help you claim your sovereignty and stand in your power gracefully.

I will pass down my confidence and my strength to you so you can walk on your spiritual path without fear.

I will open and activate all of your chakras so you may receive cosmic codes to upgrade your energy with ease.

Keep me close to you when you need to make an important decision or go to an important meeting because my energy will attract the highest outcome for your soul lesson.

When you are dealing with anxiety and fear, call on me, and I will transmute those energies for you. 

Let my love surround you to protect, comfort, and support you.


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