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Female Male duplicity God Goddess

Raet is the feminine counterpart of Ra the Sun God. 

Raet and Ra did not have a separate origin, but was referenced as a God/Goddess of the sky and the earth in ancient Egyptian history and in Egyptian spirituality.

Ra emitts a positive charge, a very high frequency of potential attraction energy.

She taps into the suns natural solar energy field harnessing a bit of radiant energy that may be used for the betterment of your life. 

Ra facilities "creative powers" of speech, Raet stands for the storehouse or written aspect of language and communication.

This aspect is an invaluable resource for attracting more business, opportunities and skills to fine tuned your professional direction as you attract wealth, success and financial security. 

Ra’s connection to sun’s energy generates health and healing by fully charging and enhancing the cellular system in the body.

She will produce a natural radiance for your physical appearance when working with her daily in meditation. 

To receive her wisdom and beautiful Goddess vibe sit in daily meditation focusing on relaxing and breathing.

Visualize a warm, miniature sun on your belly, pulsating with golden light energy… this is a wonderful battery charge for the middle Chakras to induce healing and vibrant energy. 

This is the attraction factor you will carry and emit after every meditation with Ra.

Ra is a rare green 5" Jade Crystal Skull weighing 2 lbs 11 oz


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