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is an enormous, black Dragon. He helps hold the higher timelines in place over the Earth. The crystalline energy that flows all around Earth and everywhere, needs to be grounded to this Earth for the time being. Raiku is helping to anchor these higher frequencies to the physical Earth. Without this, Earth would become two Earths where one was 3D and one 5D. They would separate and it is not time yet.


Raiku will help you ground these higher timelines and frequencies into your body and space. He helps you hold onto these higher energies until they fully integrate your physical body.


Raiku is grounding and protective. He is the Yang in the Yin Yang. If you are drawn to him then you have been or are going to begin working with the crystalline grid and anchoring it to Earth. Together you are going to help the whole of Mother Earth rise in frequency and raise the consciousness of every being on Earth.


You have felt a calling and it is time to act. Your bringing Raiku into your home space is the jump off point for you. It is activating everything in your life. If you are drawn to him, then you are ready for your next step up the evolution ladder.

The crystalline grid is calling to you and Raiku is the other half you have been waiting for to bring it fully into balance.

Raiku is balancing and will balance in you the masculine and feminine so there is an even give and receive happening in all aspects of your life. Things will begin to flow easily. Your manifestations will speed up and you will realize you must be careful of your thoughts, for you are in creation mode and completely responsible for all that comes into and out of your life.

With Raiku comes responsibility. A partnership and agreement that you are ready to do the higher work. By bringing him home you are agreeing.

Raiku will show you how to manifest everything into perfect balance in your life. If you have been working on it for a while then everything will seem to flow seamlessly. If you are a bit behind in your evolution then things may feel a little chaotic at first as Raiku evens out the energies in your life. You will no longer be able to hold onto those things that hold you in the lower frequencies. This may be a job, a relationship, certain food or entertainment, etc. If you have already began to follow your soul path the transition will flow easily. Either way, know you are protected and have a huge black Dragon at your side.


Sit with Raiku in meditation each morning or night. Ask him to help you integrate the highest frequency you are ready for. Talk to him as a guide and ask him anything.

Cleanse Raiku in running waters, set him on the Earth and give him some sunlight once in a while. You may sage him to cleanse before and after your meditations. Sage yourself at these times as well to keep your vibration balanced with Raiku’s.


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