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Rainbow Keeper

Is from the Faery realm. She makes the rainbows and is translucent purple with translucent rainbow dragonfly looking wings.

The more you work with her the more she will show you her rainbows, inside and outside of her.

When meditating with Rainbow Keeper hold her close to your heart. The heart chakra is the center chakra connecting all of the others together, creating a rainbow. Project this rainbow out of your heart and across the world, brightening and enlivening everyone’s life it touches. This includes Mama Gaia (Mother Earth), raising the vibration of the entire planet.

Charge and Cleanse Rainbow Keeper by placing her on the earth or dabble her with fresh spring or rain water. ( Do not submerge)

You will begin to see Rainbows everywhere.

Rainbow Keeper helps you activate your rainbow body. Raising your vibration and activating all of your chakras, bringing more joy and happiness into your life.

Those around you will start to feel it tool Your love light will shine brighter and brighter and rub off on them.

Rainbow Keeper works especially with the third eye, crown and heart chakra to bring everything into balance. The spirit realms and earthly realms will begin to blend. You may see one superimposed over the other, creating clear third eye vision of both realms clearly.

Rainbow Keeper is great for working with the beings in the Faery realms, spirit realms, ancestors, etc.

She loves to work with animals, will help in reading Tarot and divining in all ways that connect with other worldly beings.

Rainbow Keeper will send you rainbows to remind you and call you to work with her. If you are steady working with her at the time she will send rainbows as confirmation that she is with you, blessing you.

It is important that you follow your intuition while working with Rainbow Keeper and even if the message seems silly do it anyway! For she is guiding you along the path to your enlightenment and abundance. Rainbow Keeper is a pre-activated 2"L Amethyst Crystal Skull.

Rainbow Keeper

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