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Roebi (pronounced Row Bee)

Is a young masculine energy. He helps you overcome addictions and undesirable habits. He teaches self love and forgiveness.  He is the perfect companion for those in recovery from addictions or those who are still fighting for their freedom from them. He wants to hold space for you to find it within yourself to save yourself and begin the healing. He has been there and understands and is working through his karma too by helping you. You two help each other. You can tell all of your hurt and pain to him without judgement. He helps you release the secrets that led you down this path. He shows you that you can not be free until you release all anger, guilt and judgement you have against yourself. One step at a time you will regain what was lost and find yourself again. You are still you, you are not your mistakes or lessons.

If you are already in recovery, Roebi helps you to find your passion again. He teaches you how to love life and find small pieces of joy each day to piece together a beautiful life. He reminds you that you are forgiven and loved unconditionally by Source. He is proud of you and will let you know it by bringing sweet gifts into your life to remind you he is there. Synchronicities and number sequences show up each day to make sure you never forget that life is full of magic and wonder, and so are you. He shows you 1111 and 333, and he wants you to think of him and know you are loved and protected. He also sends you images of lambs because they represent your innocence, ever evolving soul that is unconditionally loved by Source. Roebi is great for those suffering from a loss of a loved one or have a loved one struggling with addiction. He reminds you that you are doing your best and to take everything one day at a time. You cannot judge yourself on the actions of others and it’s out of your control. He will teach you how to hold loving space for them without enabling undesirable behavior and how to send them love and healing light to help them to heal themselves. They must heal themselves, you cannot do it for them.

Roebi holds that unconditional Source love energy and feeds it to you as you need it. Sit and hold him to your heart and ask him to fill you up with that love vibration. He helps you to release pent up emotions that are holding your vibration down. In each little moment of joy or laughter a piece is released one by one you are healing. He will help you heal your inner child and the traumas that led you to seek escape. Carry him with you as much as you can and listen to his guidance; you will know it is him because he is free of judgement and full of love. Let him guide you back to yourself, your true self, before you lost you. He shows you that you are seen, heard, and no longer alone. 

He reminds you that this too shall pass. 

Cleanse him often, hold him under running water and imagine it is golden source light pouring over him, cleansing him. Set him on the Earth out in the sun and sit with him. Let the indirect Sun cleanse and recharge you both, while the Earth transmutes any heavy energies around you. Whatever love, gratitude and appreciation you show Roebi, he will return to you ten fold.

Roebi is a 1 1/2"L pre-activated elongated rose Quartz Skull.

Pictures coming soon.  


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