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Wish Keeper, just like her name suggests, is an Angel of Wishes. She is a heavenly Angel who brings luck, grants wishes, and is a guardian.
Wish Keeper shows herself as a large and tall female with a halo on the back of her head, she has long golden hair and is bathed in bright white light.
As an Angel, Wish Keeper uses her inner light to project love to you and the people around you.
Whenever you wear Wish Keeper know that she will emanate love and comfort to the ones you love.
Her love frequency will assist in healing your heart chakra. Her light will illuminate your heart space and fill it with love and forgiveness.
Wish Keeper keeps you and your energy safe from lower vibrational and dense energy by shielding you with her light.
But her main specialty is to assist you in achieving your dreams and wishes by holding your wishes and prayers in high-frequency energy and blessing them with heavenly blessings.
Wear Wish Keeper and spend quiet time praying with her. Connect with your heart when you pray, and let go of your prayers and wishes with faith. Wish Keeper will send you her energy through thoughts and nudges to assist you.
Cleanse Wish Keeper with running water and sage.


One natural Ruby gemtstone and Crystal Quartz handwired necklace made in .925 Sterling Silver in 18" length. 

Wish Keeper

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