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Is a Sun Fairy with sparkly wings and a golden aura.

She is in charge of nourishing nature using the power of sunlight.

Shining utilises sun power to expand, level up and renew your crown chakra.

She also assists you with timeline merging to serve your highest good.

Shinning is an attractor of new opportunities.

She is often called a rebirth fairy because she assists you in closing an old chapter that no longer serves you and then opens a new fresh chapter for you.

Her energy manifests through your thoughts and nudges.

Meditate with Shining. Let go of your expectations and let her energy unfold to serve you in the best way possible.

Place her under the cool sunlight regulary or when you are called.

Cleanse her with water, sage, and loving prayers.

She is a FULLY-Activated recon Amber Crystal Skull.


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