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High priestess of the Temple of Goddess Ishtar.

She is here to help her guardian to do sacred sexual healing and sacred womb cleansing.

Shiratu is an excellent skull for either males or females because everyone has a divine feminine aspect of themselves. Shiratu works with your heart chakra and her energy will assist you in dismantling limiting beliefs or false narratives about sexuality throughout your lifetimes. Shiratu wants you to experience liberation through sexual healing because sexual energy is one of the most sacred energies.
To connect with Shiratu, hold her close to you while you meditate. Envision her white light encapsulating your being. Be observant of any sensations, including physical or emotions. Surrender to her healing energy and be open to receive her healing. Shiratu loves to meditate with you near a body of water, so place her close by you while bathing or better yet in your bath is recommended.
Cleanse her with running water and white sage. Shiratu is a pre-activated Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 2 3/4".


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