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The priestess who spent her life devoted to her temple and was a Shinto priestess from Japan assisting many people in cleansing, giving blessings to performing a sacred dance rituals for them.
She is a gentle and wise spirit. Place her near you, and she will protect you from harmful spirits and bring you Blessings. Her primary specialty is that she brings you closer to your soul. She will heal your soul so the shadows will receive light, and your soul will shine. She also helps you in following your soul’s plans. Her guidance comes in the form of gentle nudges and thoughts.
To connect with Sakura, meditate with her and quiet your mind. She is not shy in showing her love to you. She loves to pray together with you. You can hold her close while you pray so she can amplify the power of your prayers.  Say your gratitude and be open to receive her gifts. Sakura is a pre-activated Rose Quartz 4.8 pound Crystal Skull.



Is the Goddess of spring. She is the consort of the God of fertility, Cernunnos. Beltane appears as a gorgeous woman wearing a green dress with long braided black hair. Her hair is draped with colorful gems, and her presence feels very loving and nurturing.
As a Goddess of Spring, Beltane’s energy assists you to ignite your passions and dreams.
She will help you to see the world from a positive and enthusiastic point of view so that you will have the faith and courage to go after your dreams.
Beltane is also the Goddess of love, and she will aid you in a journey of self-love. Beltane believes when you love yourself fully, your energy attracts many blessings.
Beltane is a friendly and loving spirit. She loves her guardian and loves to meditate with her guardian. She likes to be placed on the altar and to have some sweet-smelling incense as an offering. Beltane is a pre-activated Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull that weighs 2 1/2 pounds.



Is an enlightened spirit who spent all her life taking care of the old and sick people.  She was a devout catholic and her aura is a light lavender color.
Violeta is a loving spirit and loves to be near her Guardian because she emanates unconditional love at all times. She loves to pray for her Guardian too! Her service is to help you to awaken the feeling of deep compassion. Her living essence will help open your heart chakra so you can serve yourself and others from the space of love and compassion.
Violeta loves to be prayed with and to be present during meditation with her guardian. She is a quiet spirit but very loving and nurturing.

Violeta is a pre-activated Fluorite Crystal Skull weighing 3 1/2 pounds.



Water Air Dragon

Birds flying high…You know how I feel….Sun in the sky….. You know how I feel….

Shesha is of The Air and Water, She’s the the ultimate energy of bliss!

Her beautiful voice is heard on the wind and her lovely face reflects on the refreshing waters. 

Like a waterfall, or a lovely stream her music is in motion and she embodies the feminine divine.

Shesha is very powerful but her spirit is gentle.

She will never waste her time with negativity or bad vibrations.

She will either incubate the positive or move on and to more blessing’s to come. Shesha is never Spiteful or vengeful, and she is protective by means of deflection.

Negative intentions will bounce right off of you with her protective shield, like a bug on a windshield. sorry bug…

Shesha can manifest anything she puts her mind to and that’s one way she’ll help you, but there’s more!

She is a gentle Guardian that will sit in Council with you, (unlike many hastier dragons) Shesha does like to sit lingering in conversations with you. She wants to hear about your day over

hot tea or take her to meditate with you.

To work with Shesha engage in her calming energy, like she’s a best friend.

Call Shesha in by her name and clear your mind of and stress or mental chatter.

Begin to visualize Shesha flying down out of the fluffy clouds to you as you sit together by a clear stream or the Seaside.

Tell Shesha about your dreams, goals or challenges, anything you’d like her to listen to or engage her in service.

Release all attachment’s and thank her for her service. 

Shesha is facilitator of the Crown Chakra  and she helps strengthen the healing energy of the Heart Chakra. Shesha is a 4" pre-activated White Jade Dragon with customized Labradorite Eyes.

Skull Team

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