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Two Red Tiger Eye Skulls w/no Readings

Three Black Shungite Skulls:

Purple Spark 💜

Is a Elemental Fire Bring who brings a powerful violet flame. She removes negative entities from your space. She brings karma clearing. She integrates your shadow with love. She awakens your kundalini.

Bhiksuni ❄️

Brings clarity and mental focus. She cleanses your old karma from your past lives, reveals your purpose and removes obstacles from your path.

She is a Black Shungite Skull meausuring 2"L 1 1/4"W 1 1/2"H.


I work with your heart chakra. My energy has the ability to heal and open your heart chakra and help you let go of old karmas that are no longer serving you.

I assist you in spreading your love to others around you, help you to align with your soul path, and raise your frequency and cleanse your energy.

When you feel guided, please spend time praying with me. Cleanse me with frankincense incense.

Elio is a Fully-Activated Shungite Skull weighing 3.2 ounces and measuring 2"L.

Skull Team

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