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Solstice is a heavenly Angel of the sun.

She shows herself as a tall and graceful female bathed in bright golden light.

Her presence brings warmth and peace to your heart and brings light to you and your home.

Her golden light assists you with deep healing.

Her energy heals your light body and energetic body.

She utilizes the power of the sun to help raise your frequency and vibrations

Her warm energy will lighten your heart chakra and remove stagnant energy.

Solstice can assist you with the manifestation ceremony as well.

Her golden healing light assists in removing dense and heavy emotions.

Don’t hesitate to call on Solstice when you need her assistance.

Always give Solstice your thanks.

To work with Solstice, sit down in meditation and envision her golden light bathe your being. Let go of your expectations and receive her love with an open heart.

Place her under light sunlight when you feel guided.


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