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Spanish Rose 

Is an energy healer and she teaches you how to heal through your heart chakra energy center. She promotes self love and healing. Spanish Rose wants you to let your inner light shine, she wants to teach you that you hold the power to heal, within yourself. You may be an energy healer or Reiki practitioner if you are drawn to Spanish Rose. If you are not, then this may be your call or sign to look into these healing modalities. They may be for you, either as a practitioner or client that may need healing. Either way, Spanish Rose wants to help you; take her with you to your appointments, run Reiki on her. Spanish Rose wants to teach you how to let the healing energy of Source flow through you, brightening your light energy field and increasing it’s ability to heal itself more quickly. Sit with her in meditation and imagine your heart as a beautiful rose made of the vibration of rose quartz. Allow your little rosebud heart to fill up with Source love/light until it begins to slowly open. Revealing its full beautiful petals as it grows bigger and bigger, filling your whole chest area. See the light radiating off of it in waves that travel through your body and into your surrounding area. Until it is so big that you are sitting inside of the pink rose, entirely enveloped in the pure love of Source. In this space focus on any parts of you that need extra healing. Hold your vision and feeling as long as you can, absorbing all of that love into each and every one of your cells and surrounding energy field. Once you feel full, you may even send it out to others that need healing or to the all of humanity and Mother Earth. Send your pink healing light right into others heart energy center and watch it grow as it did in yours. You may do this for plants and animals as well.

 Spanish Rose wants your inner light to shine bright. If you have felt dull or stagnant, she will reawaken you. She encourages self love and care. You will feel drawn to the sweeter things like getting a massage, your hair done, or buying a new outfit or gift for yourself. Others will notice your light shining brighter as well and be drawn to you and to making you happy and they may do nice things for you that weren’t expected or surprise you with roses.

Spanish Rose wants to help you feel secure and safe within her petals. She will help you get more clients or business and help your money flow. As you work with her and meditate with her she will show you how to project your light to attract the things to you that you want. She will help you raise and keep the higher vibration that attracts other high vibrational people and things. You may get a raise, or that time off you asked for, you may be offered to take a trip or win a prize that you entered. You will notice that sweet little gifts seem to keep coming your way. People will call you lucky, but you will know it is the natural order of things when you are putting in  daily effort to hold your highest vibration. Letting bothersome things fall away easily and ignoring the gossip of others.

Spanish Rose will convince you to open that dream business you always wanted. She will have you planning your get away if you are unhappy in your current job or situation. She wants you in full bloom, not playing small and she will not allow for any of that, any longer. If you do the work with her, she will connect you with people that can help you get there and others who encourage you along the way. She will rebuild your network with new relationships with people you aspire to be like. With your inner light shining brightly, you exude confidence, power, and motivation. If there is something you have been longing for, Spanish Rose has come to help you get there. With her, you will shine!

Cleanse Spanish Rose in running water then sit her in the Sun to dry or dab her with a towel, she doesn’t like to stay wet. She enjoys the sunshine and it recharges her. She loves pretty things so make her a beautiful little area in your home or office for her. Next to a flower vase and a rose quartz is perfect. Sage her and set her on the Earth to cleanse her and transmute any energies she’s absorbed for you.

Spanish Rose is is a medium size one-of-a-kind pre-activated handcarved colorful refillable Skull Candle.

Spanish Rose

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