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Star Muse
Knows how to unlock the soul’s knowledge and past life wisdom. She works with your highest self to help you to be aware of your soul’s voice. Star Muse will encourage you to follow your deepest calling because when you are embodying your authentic self, your soul shines. She shows you the limitless power and magic you have within you. She leads you through synchronicities  and clear signs. She is a friend and teacher who connects with you and shares her precious knowledge.

Star Muse assists you in remembering your past life gifts

through your Akashic records.
Meditate with Star Muse under the night sky, place her close to you when you are sleeping, and she will connect with you through your dreams.
Offer her sweet-smelling incense and gratitude and cleanse her with water. Star Muse is a pre-activated red Jasper small Crystal Skull.


Additional Information: 

Star Muse was born and raised in the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt. Born to an upper-class family;  she had the freedom to pursue her education.
Star Muse was fascinated by the night sky. She spent hours looking at stars every night-- longing to learn about stars because of her Starseed origin.
She shows herself as a petite female with long, wavy hair, she wears a white Grecian dress, and she has large eyes.

Star Muse

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