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Is an Electrical Light Being and works with your higher energy body, where thoughts and ideas come from. She will reignite your passions and restore the energy you once had to put into the things you loved, but may be lacking in now. She reenergizes your system like a jump from a battery, restarting your engines!

Stormy connects you to the super conscious where all ideas that have ever existed are, where all thoughts that have ever been thought still exist.

Stormy works in the dreamtime and meditation. In dreamtime, she takes you beyond your universe and shows you everything from a higher perspective to set your mind afire to prepare you for the new information she wants you to download. She expands your mind and what you thought was possible, where miracles are simply focused energy, created by you and returned to you, by you. You are the keeper of all the knowledge and power, but you have forgotten and she wants to wake you up again.

Stormy works with people who have nervous system issues. She tames the out of control energy running wild through your system and grounds it. She shows you how to control it and use it constructively.

Stormy can help with an ADHD brain as well. She will help direct the energy/attention to a constructive place or give it something else to ponder so the lower mind can concentrate on a task. It’s all energy, energy that has not been understood, therefore, it is not directed properly. She can help you re-train your mind or find ways to keep each mind busy on its own task so as not to interfere with each other. This is human evolution before our eyes. There is nothing wrong with you. You simply are running more energy and a higher frequency than has ever inhabited a human body before. 

Cleanse Stormy in sage or running water and then set her in the Sun’s energy for a few minutes to recharge. Catch storm and rain water to bathe her also, as it holds a higher energy. Set her in the rainstorm for a while or in a windowsill during thunder and lightening shows. She also likes restorative fire energy so burn a candle when you meditate with her.

Stormy is a Fully-Activated 6"L  4 pound Chevron Amethyst Crystal Skull. 


A special size 8 in Blue Adventurine friend skull will be included with this Skull!


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