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Summer Rain 

Is an interdimensional Water Faery. You will find her sitting by the river listening to the running water. Her mission on Earth is to help heal the waters. 

She flits in and out of our dimension, as ours is very dense and heavy. She comes for a time and then goes back to her higher dimension to recharge. She shows herself shaking off the lower energies like water off a dog.

Summer Rain uses her high vibrational energy to raise the frequency of the rivers and oceans to combat pollution and the lower frequencies she is exposed to each day. Water is life. It has memory and can be programmed back to its original state of being of fresh ice cold glacial water running down the mountain. As water travels to us it picks up the energies it comes in contact with along the way. Imagine what it sees in a large city.

Summer Rain reprograms the waters, again and again because humanity continues to lower waters vibration. Water is like crystals. It holds memory and records it.

Summer Rain likes when she runs into children playing by the river. She will show herself and play with them. She loves their sweet, high vibration of love energy.

She will show herself to very few adults. She has found that even when she does, most can’t even see her. They vibrate to low.

Summer Rain loves to dance and flutter around in the rain. Her wings are more light energy than dense like an Earthly dragonfly so the water does not weigh her down.

Summer Rain wants to teach you to dance in the rain too! She wants you to use water to heal and cleanse yourself. Whether that is by going out into the rain with intention or taking a cleansing bath or shower when your energies are to heavy. Wash it off, like she does.

Summer Rain may show herself to you if she feels safe enough and your vibration is sufficient. She would love to have a human companion to help her do her work of healing the waters. If you are near a river or ocean she may draw you to them often. They may become your place of solace.

You will heal yourself through the waters she heals. You will find yourself thanking the water after an interaction and learn to reprogram your water you drink or bathe in.

Summer Rain reminds you that humans are made of mostly water and that you are actually programming your inner water by what you expose yourself to each day. You need cleansing and healing just as your crystals do. You hold on to others energy as well. Let water and Summer Rain help.

Summer Rain will bring a fun, and carefree vibe to your space. If you have children they may see her straight away.

Take her with you on your water related adventures. Hold her at heart level and connect with her energy filling up your heart chakra and sending it out over the river or ocean. Imagine peace and perfect balance. Keep sending love to the water. Tell it how grateful you are for all it does for humanity and that you are returning it to its original state and memories of highest vibration.

Cleanse Summer Rain in water, rain, ocean, spring, or river being preferred, but not necessary. You can also play Crystal singing bowl music to cleanse her vibration and recharge her, lifting her frequency. Fill her with love and gratitude.


Summer Rain

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