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Sunglow ️

Elemental Solar Goddess

Sunglow is the radiant energy and a Goddess of the sun.

Sunglow takes form as a fire Goddess with brilliant white eyes and long Golden hair.

Her feet and her hands are like shimmering gold and she wears 5 golden rings on her right hand and shes draped in a fiery Red Orange gown. Sunglow is going to bring warm nurturing light into your life.

She’s bringing Golden days of prosperity and admiration to you in abundance!

To work with Sunglow place her on a brightly lit alter or placement. Adorn her with flowers and beautiful shiny elements. 

Sunglow appreciates the fragrance of warm smelling incense or

Rose oil.

She loves the sounds of music and singing too.

Sit with Sunglow and clear your mind, begin to see the Golden vibration emanating from the top of her head.

Feel this warming energy radiate to your heart chakra.

Now You may ask for any needs to be addressed whether it’s health or wealth sunglow is a very active and compassionate Goddess.

She will encourage you to stay closely connected to her.

Sunglow is a facilitator of the Heart and throat chakra.

SunGlow is a Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull / Golden Children.


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