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Is a little elemental from the Faery realms, the size of a dragonfly, with the heart of an elephant. He holds a high vibrational, joyful frequency, he loves to play in nature, picking flowers, and playing in the creeks. He encourages cooperation above competition.

Tang has balanced his masculine and feminine sides and can help you to do the same, helping you feel more comfortable in both aspects, and figuring out your strengths in each.

Tang loves animals and loves to be around them. He will help you with any animal magic or animal energies you are working with or trying to cultivate within yourself.

Tang brings more joy into your life and encourages you to try new things and explore more. He wants to get you out in nature and grounding barefoot on Mother Earth. 

Tang is like that friend you always go to, to lift your spirits. Who always has some encouraging words for you and a new adventure they want you to come along on.

Tang fills you with encouragement to be your true authentic self, where you will find freedom. 

 Tang is that space is where manifestation flows freely and effortlessly. Joy handed to you straight from the hand of Source.


Cleanse Tang with sage or laying him upon the Earth, in the sunshine. Reenergize him by dancing to your favorite music while wearing him or taking a walk in nature. 

Tang is a 108 Japa Skull Mala mounted with a titanium coated Fully-Activated Glass Crystal Skull and made with Turquoise and rutilated Citrine beads.


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