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Tayan New Moon 

Moon Calendar Keeper

The moon timekeeper is a clock and celestial dance facilitator.

She is an ancient indigenous practitioner of Native American spiritualism that comes in addition to the sun dance.

Her healing dances involve the gathering of a community (or community mind set) focusing on praying and dancing for the sake of healing harmony amongst the people. (or your home, community, for world peace, ect.) because we are all connected in a web of community.

The moon dancer also acknowledges the feminine energy and Mother Earth. Tayan is a wonderful tool to help balance feminine energy, and healthy emotions.

Tayan New Moon reunites women, men and children with the Earth and the essence of the moon.

To work with Tayan New Moon hold a symbolic 3 day ceremonial dance taking place on the full moon. 

Starting on the night of the full moon, you may gather together to dance as a group, have a symbolic feast (real one is much better) or completely alone, singing, reading stories, sharing positive past events and sacred teachings of your favorite spiritualists.

This is a wonderful time to reset and unwind under the moon.

This Ceremonial Releasing is a wonderful tool to let go of all the month’s past challenges and during the following 3 days use for resting and recharging and self care.

Be sure to get in your meditations and lots of water at this time.

Tayan New Moon helps to balance all the Chakras especially the Root chakra and Heart Chakra.

Tayan is a pre-activated 4" length specialty carving White Jade Crystal Skull weighing 3 pounds. 

Tayan New Moon

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