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Pharoah 🤴🏾


The Lord of Two Lands.

The ancient Egyptian’s acknowledged their Pharaoh to be the mediator between the Gods and the world of men.

Your Pharaoh is a Cosmic Leader, a spiritual power house, and a creator of wealth. 

Pharoah is in contact with all the spiritual guardians and the heavenly beings believed to extend all the way into the Stars.️

Pharaoh has no timelines or limitations, all things are accessible and attainable.

His Extraordinary leadership has gained Pharaoh respect from cosmic deities as The Lord of the Two Lands, Heaven and Earth. 

Pharaoh helps to bring fertility to all of his land and his kingdoms, defending his Egypt (his keeper and loved ones) against foreigner threat’s (negative energies)

As 'High Priest of Every Temple (Your Loving Home) the pharaoh represented the Gods on Earth.

Pharaoh performs rituals to built cities and temples, he will build opportunities and prosperity. Strengthen your spiritual growth, with strength from Heaven.

To work with Pharaoh give him a regal placement throne on his altar. 

He would enjoy having flowers, incense and lovely shiny objects around him.

Keep his placement clean to honor him.

Sit in meditation with him, you may hold him if you’d like, He works beautifully from his placement without holding him.

Offer a gift or a song to call Pharaoh’s attention into sacred space.

Clear your mind and Meditate then begin to counsel with him.

You may ask Pharaoh for whatever you need or anything positive you’d like to manifest. 

Thank him for his service releasing all attachment.

Expect your requests to come into fruition.

Pharaoh is Facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra and he is a fully Activated 5.2" L Tiger Eye Skull weighing 3 1/2 pounds.

Pharoah 🤴🏾

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