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The "TRILOGY" three piece power set are FULLY ACTIVATED Crystal Skulls (which mean their enlivening of consciousness is in its fullness and fully completed.  They are a Brazilian Quartz Crystal Skull Trio who work together to navigate Dimensions. 

CELESTE is the female energy in the group who is the grounded body that receives and transmits. 

QUASAR is a male that manifests from different Dimensions.

LIBRE is the second male that accesses the Library of Knowledge. 


This Crystal Skull Trio has a lot to offer their Skull Keeper.


These small but mighty natural point Crystal Skulls want to be worked.


The more they are worked with the more they can offer the individual who will work with them insight, information and activation. 


As they have within them a built within them a built in point and or generator in their structuring that enables them to utilize the piezo electric faculty in their crystal configuration in a very special and unique way.


These three skulls are comprised of Brazillian clear quartz crystal and are variant sizes and weights. 


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