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Is a multidimensional being that originated from the deep earth.

He is a tall man with a glowing blue aura and is one of the watchers of the crystalline grid.

He is also a protective Being and is here to serve you to anchor your energy to the crystalline grid within the earth.

Azul's energy will aid you in awakening an even deeper connection to Mother Earth. He likes to assist you with using the healing power of nature. Azul is always emanating high-frequency energy, so it is highly recommended to have him close to you as much as you feel guided.
To connect with Azul, meditating outside in nature is recommended. He is a quiet spirit, but he loves his guardian and has his guardian's best interest. Connect with nature by spending time outside as much as you can and feel Azul’s energy encapsulating you. Envision his blue energy healing your heart chakra.
Cleanse him with sage, and don’t forget to express your gratitude.

Azul is a pre-activated Lapis Lazuli Skull handfabricated in Sterling and made in a size 8 1/2.


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