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SACRED 11 being offered from 11/1-11/11 at 50% OFF and cannot be used with any other discount code.

These special larger Skulls are all already fully Enlivened in their consciousness.


Rebirth ðŸ’š


Is a Divine Being of Light from the Angelic Realm whose name translates as “Rebirth.”

Her Divine White Light over lights your path and healing while gently guiding you so you can have a successful reincarnation. 

She heals and helps your Soul transformation with Christ Consciousness and brings positive changes to help you embody your Soul's purposes.

Rebirth communicates with you in the Astral Realm and you can access her wisdom through dreams and meditation. 


ReBirth is a fully Enlivened Turquoise Crystal Skull weighing 2 1/2 pounds and measuring 5"L 3"W 4"H. 

Rebirth 💚

$586.00 Regular Price
$293.00Sale Price
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