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Is an energy being. She is pure energy. She could take form, but she never wants to. She goes where she is needed and in her energy form she can go anywhere.

Twilight will help activate you and turn on all your senses, especially the ones you are less aware of. She will heighten your intuition.

Twilight works by infiltrating your energy field/aura, and lifting your frequency to hers. She comes in and stirs it up and gets your senses active again.

She ignites your natural abilities and heightens them.

Twilight will get your energy centers/chakras moving and energized. Your auric field will grow wider and the people and spaces around you will be more affected by your energy. You will be able to send out your energy and manifestations easier and farther.

Sit in meditation with Twilight and focus on your breathing. See her energy engulf yours and mingle with it. Feel your energy start warming up and your cells awakened. Let the energy penetrate all through your inner being and outer being. Relax into it and you will start to feel your whole body warming up and tingling. Sit in her energy for as long as you feel and as often as you like. Each time you will carry that higher vibration longer and easier, until you become it.

Twilight will help activate your third eye and clear your pineal gland. Your hands will carry new energy that you can feel the heat from.

The more you cleanse your body and surroundings the easier and more quickly you will integrate this higher consciousness within yourself.

Cleanse Twilight with sage and running water. Play crystal singing bowls for her in high frequencies to cleanse her and restore her.

Twilight is a Pre-Activated Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 1 1/2"L and weighing 1.6 ounces.


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