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Of the Elysius. Uluwe is a higher frequency extraterrestrial consciousness. He appears as a tall humanoid being with teal-colored skin. He is an enlightened teacher with very zen energy.
Uluwe helps you balance your emotions. He is an excellent skull for individuals who have high-pressure jobs or dealing with a lot of stress. He will help you to deal with high energy and stressful emotions such as anger or anxiety.
Uluwe is a serious and quiet spirit, but he will open himself and guide you with his teaching if you connect with him. To do this, meditate with him and allow yourself to go within deeply. Uluwe will meet you in your heart space and deliver his teaching to you that way. When you are not meditating with him, place him close to you as much as possible or touch him to feel his energy. You will feel calmness wash over you.
Uluwe loves to be sage and prayed with. The more you open yourself to him, the deeper you will connect with him.


Uluwe is a semi-large pre-activated Botryoidal Fluorite Crystal Skull including its reading and full enlivening of its consciousness.




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