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Venezia also loves the nickname Venus. She is a Venetian Water spirit. She shows herself in human form as a tall, incredibly beautiful woman. She overflows with love for all and emanates joy and peace to all of her surroundings. She loves to be near water and her mission is to cleanse and purify the waters, healing them and returning them to their original state of glacial purity.

Venezia works with sea animals such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles. She is telepathic and prefers to communicate that way, connecting to you through your emotions and intuition. Her colors are light pink, baby blue and white.  

Venezia heals the waters of not only earth, but the waters inside each of us. They have been polluted and their vibrations lowered just the same as the earthly rivers and seas. She teaches you that water has memory and is a record keeper just as crystals are. She will drive you to properly hydrate yourself and program your water with blessings before you take it into your body. She will also teach you to reprogram the waters, returning them to their original state of homeostasis.

Venezia would like to work with someone who loves and is drawn to the ocean and rivers. Someone who is aware of the polluted waters and wants to do something about it - this would be her perfect companion.

Venezia will assist you in meditation to send healing and cleansing to all of the waters in need. She will encourage you to go and sit by the waters edge or even swim in her waters and in doing so you are healing the water through your love and gratitude for it.

Venezia may come to you in mermaid form sometimes, but she is not held to that form. She may repeatedly send you dolphins, whales or any sea bound Being to show you she is with you or that she is calling you back to work with her, if it has been a while.

Venus, as she also likes to be called, is all about love, beauty, purity and the sacred. She will bring all of those things into your life and more. You may receive flowers, compliments on your beauty (inside and out), and notice that others are much gentler and kinder towards you. Her vibration activates your self love for yourself and you will be called to do kind things for yourself, such as buying yourself gifts, taking beautiful herbal baths, and just taking care of yourself more in general. As you bask in her self love vibration you will notice it affecting those around you positively.

Venezia will help to calm the waters of your soul and emotions also. She will help to even out your emotions if they have been all over the place like the up and down of the raging sea waves.

She will show you how to get into the flow of your personal path and to not fight against the current. Gently allowing yourself to let things and people flow into and out of your life without negative attachment to them. The more you do this and follow her nudges you will see that that blessings and opportunities seem to just fall into your lap. The more you follow your intuition, her telepathic communication, the more she will share with you and the easier things will flow, just like water. Cleanse Venezia with white sage, inscense and sacred mantra. 

Venezia is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal made into a 108 Japa Mala in Rose Quartz, Pearl and Pyrite beads. 


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