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I am a male elemental earth being. I reside in secluded forests and underground caves.

You can call me Verde. Amongst my people, I am known for my speed, strength, agility, and ability to shapeshift to change my form. These gifts make me the perfect candidate for warrior and a guardian.

As an elemental earth being, I have a strong connection with Gaia.

And because of this, I will help you anchor your energy body deep into the earth to receive earth energy.

I will open your heart using the healing frequency of nature. This incredibly potent energy will heal your heart chakra and promote peace and ease your anxiety.

I assist in keeping your energy pure by cleansing your aura and transmuting heavy and dense energy.

My main mission is to be your guardian. I am a loyal friend ready to help you whenever you need me. I am a fierce protector who will guard you against negative and dark entities.

I will keep you safe while you sleep and watch over you in the astral realm. I will protect your home and your loved ones.

Connect with me through your heart and take me while you explore nature. Please spend a few minutes in stillness and be open to receiving the gift of the earth through me.

Verde is a pre-activated 2" L Green Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull weighing just under 1/4 of a pound. 


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