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Is a Seraphim Angel of courage and is an androgynous Being who possesses powerful light energy. Vimana chooses their name based on the ancient flying chariot mentioned in ancient Hindu text. The name illustrates an energy that has the ability to take your spirit higher. Vimana appears as a large Being of light with multiple sets of large wings and bathed in intense white light. This energy is not for the faint of heart because your soul will be pushed higher, defying the limitations of the mind.  They will bring out your impossible dreams and help you to achieve those dreams, shattering the limiting beliefs, giving you confidence, courage, and helping you to release self-doubt. With the help of Vimana, your soul will shine its signature energy to inspire others. They work with your solar plexus chakra, and help your soul align with your plan and purpose. Under Vimana’s guidance, you will embody your authenticity with ease and pride.

Connect with Vimana through silent and deep meditation and set the intention to achieve its assistance. Call on them through prayer whenever you need help and give your gratitude and love.

Vimana is a medium size one-of-a-kind pre-activated handcarved colorful refillable Skull Candle.


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