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Walking Rain 🌧

Female Shaman

Walking Rain has the ability to go easily throughout natural obstacles of the physical and spiritual life.

She shows you that you are in the company of Heavenly powers and that they are in service to your well-being,

if you’ll only call out to them with humility and reverence. 🕊

Walking Rain will help bring complete harmony to your surroundings, because she believes there isn’t any need for anger, fear or any other emotions to soak you in negativity. 🌈

Walking Rain teaches us that we have more control over our circumstances than we will ever fully understand if we only learn to live in faith and not fear. 🌤

Walking Rain is pouring out her cleansing showers of fresh water to refresh your Spirit.

She will show you a higher level of consciousness and your special gifts that have been awarded to you at birth. Walking Rain ☔️ is a healer and the fresh spirit of inspiration to all of us.

To work with Walking Rain place in an alter or meaningful place. Meditate with her daily asking for guidance, healings and spiritual insight. Walking Rain loves to deliver prayers of healings or special requests for others. ❤️‍🔥

Ask for special blessings or any needs.

Walking Rain enjoys being placed outside on a rainy day for cleansing or White Sage occasionally for clearing accumulating energy.

Walking Rain is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra 👁

W.R. is a pre-activated Botryoidal Flourite 3 1/2 lb Crystal Skull. 

Walking Rain

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