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Water Princess

Teaches you to be strong and gives you the courage to embody your fullest authenticity. She utilizes her essence, manifesting as a pale green light, assisting you to raise your frequency. This light cleanses your aura and your chakras. Also boosting and strengthening your third eye and intuition; allowing you to see beyond the veil. She will guide you to embody a soft and strong heart. Her energy cracks open your heart so you can love more intensely and deeply. 
Spend time connecting with Water Princess near a body of water. Her presence can be felt through visions and subtle energy. Cleanse her with water and incense smoke.

More about Water Princess:

Water Princess was a beautiful and fair Princess in ancient China. Despite being known for her beauty, she was also known for kindness, grace, and strength. She spent almost all of her time by the lake near her palace. Her people called her the Water Princess, a beloved nickname that represented their dear Princess.
Water Princess shows herself as a young woman with long dark hair. She has almond eyes, a light green Chinese traditional dress, a bright pale green aura, and a headdress.

Water Princess

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