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Is a nature Angel and a guardian spirit who takes care of and nurtures the earth’s inhabitants.

She helps Gaia by spreading her uplifting love in the air.

Wildflower shows herself as a beautiful female with long black hair and ruby red lips. She has a halo on the back of her head, and her aura is white and pale green and enjoys spending time in the deep and dense forest.

Wildflower assists in third eye chakra healing that will clear out blockages in your third eye chakra and help you see beyond the veil.

Her nurturing energy makes her a great teacher to help you with self-love that will help you shift your perspective so that you can see yourself from her view.

Wildflower main’s mission is to show how beautiful your soul and your divine light are. She also helps show you that you are your higherself, and to embody your highestself, you just need to accept yourself as you are.

This sweet Guardian Angel protects you and your pets from negative and dense energies.

Under her care, she will help you embody your authenticity, as well as help you conquer your fears courageously as she herself embodies the love and strength of nature.  Call on her whenever you need her, and she will be a friend you can count on. Her energy will soothe your mind and ease your heart.

Place Wildflower outside when it’s raining to cleanse her and offer her your love and gratitude.

Wildflower is a pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull. 


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