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Zenith is a Star Being ⭐️


Zenith represents the highest point of the celestial sphere that’s directly above an observer on earth. The highest crowning point.

You have a shining Star watching over you! 

Zenith is beautiful Guardian Spirit who wants to protect you and help direct your paths. His brilliant cosmic wisdom will bring new opportunities for business or career and also more social opportunities.

Zenith has a definite healing vibe that enriches the Heart Chakra and spread healing and well being when worn.

All you have to do is tune into his energy and ask for his Guidance.

Zenith has a love for nature and especially garden’s 🪴 for additional wellness he would encourage you to work with plants indoors or outside in nature.  If this isn’t possible visiting gardens will have a positive impact.

To connect with Zenith sit in meditation and connect to the earth, clearing your mind.

You may also sit under the starlight and connect with him, ask to pull energy into your Heart Chakra for wellness and healing.

Zenith connects us to our ancestors and is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra. 


He is a fully Enlivened Crystal Skull set with Garnet eyes in a custom Sterling Silver handcrafted ring in size 7 3/4.

Zenith ⭐️

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