Advanced Crystalline Facilitator

A inner journey that further activates your Crystalline & Empowerments

  • 1 hour
  • 1,500 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

I am delighted to welcome you to the Advanced Crystalline Codices Work Initiation, Healing and Facilitation Training and Initiation II. (Pre-requisite CCW must be completed before taking this.) Receiving this deeper body of healing work offers an understanding of how the Codices / Codexes represent an alliance, understanding and agreement for benevolent Beings to work together supporting the New Paradigm. Both receiving and facilitating the Code activates the DNA blueprints fully so that the Crystalline cores of the physical body can Crystallise the rest of your divine crystal skull counterparts entirely. The Feminine Codex Healing channels energy from the New Paradigm directly and strengthens the Crystalline bodies and Divine Crystal Skull counterparts in a unified way. It brings in the feminine aspects and healing rays of creation to bump up the foundation of the Masculine Codex Healing. These twelve session series offers 12 one on one Zoom sessions that involve healing, transformation, initiation and guidance as well as two manifesto's (Masculine Codexes) & (Feminine Codexes) in order to bring through the Crystalline work in a tangible way in conjunction with the Crystalline Kingdom and Lineages. We will be meeting every week at approximately the same time for twelve weeks with the flexibility to skip a week if needed. Your Twelve week journey will also include mini check-ins or question support via Email, Instagram DM, Voxer, Telegram or Signal. This twelve session series will also include a MAS & FEM Codex Work facilitation Template offered to you approximately mid way through. Here are some suggestions to get the most benefit from your series of twelve weeks: No Sugar. Healthy Eating. Conscious Eating. Drink plenty of water. Limit your coffee intake. Immerse yourself in Nature. It is recommended not to use any substances incl. alcohol, cig. etc. Write in your journal much will be revealed to you through this. Cleanse and Clear your Crystal Skulls weekly and have them nearby for all of your sessions. As you know, fully activated Skulls bring higher light to our inner and outer surroundings. Committed transformational healing combined with the Crystal Skulls can powerfully assist you to see or feel what’s been hidden within, because - until we see or feel it, we cannot heal it. And yes there will be healing, feeling and the unknown revealing.. I look forward to igniting this journey with you!

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